Vaping high-CBD hemp flower or pure CBD isolate is one of the fastest ways to get CBD into the bloodstream.

Whether using CBD isolate or CBD flower, vaping offers a fast-acting, direct pathway for CBD to enter your bloodstream

Lately, headlines have been extolling the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), which is derived from cannabis. Recent articles have included long reads discussing its growing popularity and first-hand experiences with taking it regularly.

If you’re thinking about taking CBD products, what’s the best delivery system? Many new CBD users start with CBD oil drops. But there are several other ways to use CBD, each with its own benefits. One of these is vaping, and it can be done with either pure CBD Isolate or CBD Hemp Flower.

Quick Delivery of CBD

One particular advantage of vaping CBD is that the compound can enter the bloodstream directly, very soon after it’s absorbed through the lungs. When CBD is ingested, it must first pass through the digestive system. Not only does vaping deliver CBD more quickly, but it allows almost four times as much of it to reach your bloodstream — bioavailability can be as high as 50-60%.

With all methods of using CBD, the compound isn’t available for long. It quickly diffuses out of your bloodstream and accumulates in fatty tissue. To maintain a steady level of CBD, you may try vaping more often, or use it to supplement ingested or sublingual CBD oil as the need arises.

Is vaping CBD the right approach for you? What are some of the considerations you should look at? Let’s find out.

Vaping CBD Is Clean, Convenient, and Discreet

Vaping is a very convenient way to use CBD. You may have seen people vaping with large, powerful e-cigarette devices that produce enormous vapor clouds. When you vape CBD, though, there’s no need for a powerful device: You can use a tiny vape pen and keep it in your pocket or purse, always ready to go. There’s also no need to worry about visible clouds. After you hold the CBD vapor in your lungs, there is little to no vapor visible when you exhale. Any vapor that is exhaled dissipates immediately and leaves no smell.

How to Vape CBD

We recommend vaping CBD isolate or CBD flower with a low-wattage vaping device for smooth flavor and to avoid burning the CBD. Avoid using a powerful “sub-ohm” vaping device unless the device supports wattage adjustments.

CBD Isolate. The purest and most potent form of CBD, CBD isolate is highly processed, meaning it is devoid of all plant matter, including THC. Vaping CBD isolate is therefore the safest way to avoid a failed drug test. It comes in powder form and is also the most economical way to consume CBD.

CBD isolate quickly turns to liquid when heated. To vape CBD isolate, set your vaporizer to its lowest setting, place your preferred dosage into the device’s chamber, hold your device’s activation button, and inhale slowly. Hold the vapor in your lungs for several seconds before exhaling. Wait a while to gauge your level of relief before deciding whether to vape again.

CBD Hemp Flower. Humans love terpenes, which are some of the compounds that give plants and flowers — including cannabis — their particular scents and flavors. Humans also love cannabinoids! Crescent hemp flower is a full-spectrum CBD product, meaning it contains all parts of the hemp plant — including terpenes, high CBD content, as well as other cannabinoids — and therefore the enhanced benefits associated with the “entourage effect.”

If vaping CBD flower, you should finely grind it up using a grinder prior to placing it into the chamber of a dry herb vaporizer. Inhale while holding down the heating button and hold the vapor in your lungs for several seconds before exhaling. After repeating 2-3 times, wait about 30 minutes to monitor CBD’s effect on your body.

Remember, hemp flower does contain trace amounts of delta-9 THC, so avoid using it if you are subject to drug testing.

Using the Right CBD Product

Using the right CBD product is always important, no matter how it enters your system. Unfortunately, not all CBD products meet high quality standards.

When vaping CBD, the direct pathway into your bloodstream makes it especially important to find a CBD company you can trust. Every Crescent Canna product is tested for purity and potency by a third-party lab, and test results are instantly available via QR codes on the packaging.


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