A Consumer Reports survey showed that 22% of people who took CBD for health problems said it has helped them replace prescription or OTC drugs, and more than a third of those said they used it to replace opioids.

Survey findings support CBD’s research-backed health benefits

In January, Consumer Reports surveyed more than 4,000 people from across the United States to find out about CBD: who is using it, why, and in what form, and whether it’s effective. The results show that CBD products are rapidly gaining in popularity and reaching the mainstream.

Who Is Using CBD?

The survey showed that Americans of all ages are using CBD:

  • More than a quarter of people in the U.S. say they’ve tried CBD
  • One of 7 said they use it every day
  • It’s most popular among the millennials (40%) but 15% of people 60 and older have also said they’ve tried it

Edibles were the most popular way to get CBD, followed by CBD tinctures and sprays, then by topicals, smokables, and pills being the least common.

Why Users Take CBD

As CR‘s survey shows, users are anecdotally finding CBD products helpful when it comes to treating ailments, as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression, and even opioid addiction.

  • Almost three-quarters of people who took CBD said it was at least moderately effective
  • 48% said it was very or extremely effective
  • 74% reported no side effects
  • 37% of people surveyed took CBD to reduce stress or anxiety and to help them relax (63% of those found it “extremely or very effective”)
  • 24% used CBD to help with joint pain
  • 11% took if for fun or recreation
  • 10% took CBD to get better sleep

Are You Considering Using CBD?

If you’re thinking about using CBD, it’s crucial to consult with a doctor or medical professional before stopping or changing a current treatment plan.

It also is important to know what you’re getting. We take this extremely seriously at Crescent Canna. That’s why we provide information about all our ingredients, as well as third-party CBD isolate test results to guarantee that our products — CBD drops, and pain topicals — contain only the ingredients listed.

Do you have any questions about CBD and how it can be used? We’re passionate advocates for the safe and effective use of CBD, and actively follow the latest developments on CBD’s science and regulation. Please visit our CBD FAQ for answers to common questions, or contact us with any product-related questions.


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