CBD oil vs Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil contains only trace amounts of CBD — less than 25 parts per million.

Unlike hemp-derived CBD products, hemp seed oil has little or no CBD.

Confusingly, some people and companies use the terms “Hemp Seed Oil” and “CBD Oil” as if they are interchangeable. However, this is misleading because they are not the same oil. Not even close. The biggest difference is that hemp seed oil contains only trace amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) — less than 25 parts per million. To obtain even a small amount of CBD, one must extract it from quite a lot of industrial hemp. This is a much more expensive and complex process than is required to produce hemp seed oil, which is typically pressed from the hemp plant’s cannabinoid-deficient seeds.

Hemp Seed Oil: Posing as Something It’s Not

Hemp seed oil is widely available on platforms like Amazon, where selling true CBD oil is not permitted. The online retailer prohibits the sale of products that actually contain CBD, along with the sale of anything that contains THC and hemp seeds capable of germination. It also prohibits any reference to CBD on a seller’s product pages, but this rule is often skirted. Amazon does allow vendors to sell hemp seed oil. If you search for “CBD oil” on the site, you won’t get any actual CBD-oil products in the search results. But you will get plenty of hemp seed oil products.

Screenshot of Search for

A search for “CBD oil” at Amazon.com generates dozens of listings for hemp-oil products that are essentially devoid of CBD.

The fact that Amazon also displays search recommendations for CBD-related terms only adds to the confusion. Then there are the customer reviews, some of which erroneously mention CBD and use the terms “hemp-derived CBD oil” and “hemp seed oil” interchangeably.

The Uses of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil does offer some benefits. It is naturally rich in antioxidants and healthy fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3, which promote cardiovascular health. Hemp seed oil is also high in protein and contains calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamin E. Hemp seed oil can be used as a dietary supplement and, when cooking, as a substitute for olive oil and other vegetable oils that provides a nice, nutty flavor. A good natural moisturizer, hemp seed oil is used in cosmetics and other beauty products. It can also be used instead of petroleum to produce more eco-friendly paints and plastics, as well as bio-diesel fuel. But if you’re looking for the wellness benefits of CBD, you won’t find them in a bottle of hemp seed oil.

The Advantage of CBD Oil

Hemp seed oil contains too little CBD to have any of CBD’s wellness effects. CBD oil, on the other hand, is derived from hemp’s cannabinoid-rich stems, leaves, and flowers — not the seeds. Researchers have confirmed the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD oil, along with conducting studies that support its ability to promote better sleep, alleviate pain, and reduce stress.

Online Sellers of CBD Oil

As the market for CBD products continues to grow, companies are jumping at the opportunity to cash in, and not all of these companies are reliable or transparent about what they’re selling. The products that consumers see on many websites usually do not cite certificates of analysis or full-panel screenings that indicate the amount of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids; the strength of the CBD; or the lack of harmful substances like mold, pesticides, and other toxins. Don’t assume a particular product actually contains the amount of CBD that a vendor claims it does unless you buy from a company that has the test results to prove it. This is important. You can’t obtain the wellness benefits of CBD unless the product you’re using contains a significant amount of it.

Know What You’re Getting

At Crescent Canna, we provide high-quality, safe, reliable CBD oil made from USA-grown hemp and lab-tested for quality. We’ve even created the strongest CBD oil in the world, and yes, we have the full-panel certificates of analysis to prove it.


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