Crescent Canna CBD Freeze Rollers

CBD Freeze Rollers are a mess-free and hassle-free way to get effective pain and inflammation relief.

With natural analgesic ingredients and over 99% pure CBD isolate, our CBD rollers effectively reduce pain and inflammation.

Whether you’re coping with tension caused by poor posture, soreness caused by a tough workout, or a painful injury, let CBD come to the rescue.

Crescent Canna developed our CBD Freeze Roller to maximize the soothing properties of CBD. We combined CBD with other natural pain relievers that soothe joints and muscles while improving the condition of your skin.

Our paraben-free, high-potency CBD roll-ons provide targeted relief, with no hassle, no mess, and no stress.


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CBD Roll-Ons Are Ideal for Treating Pain and Inflammation

Researchers have confirmed that CBD can be very effective in reducing pain when absorbed transdermally. Especially when administered daily, topical applications of CBD minimize localized inflammation.

Depending on how much you need it, we recommend applying our CBD Freeze Roller between one to four times a day. Following this routine allows the CBD to accumulate in the body in a way that maximizes effectiveness over time.

CBD Rollers Provide Immediate and Targeted Relief

CBD topicals address areas of discomfort in a more targeted way than other forms of CBD. When you consume CBD orally, through eating CBD Gummies or taking CBD Drops, it can do wonders for your mind and body. However, its benefits are less targeted because it disperses CBD throughout the body.

When using a topical CBD roll-on, you apply the compound directly to the painful area or areas, so that it’s absorbed into your deep tissue within minutes. The effects last for up to six hours, so just a single application can help get you through a big part of your day.

CBD Roll-Ons Are Hassle-Free and Travel-Friendly

With CBD topicals you don’t need to worry about measuring a perfect amount of the product each time you use it. Simply apply the CBD Freeze Roller directly to a painful area, make sure that the area is evenly coated in a thin layer, and wait for the topical to be absorbed.

Because of their ease of use, CBD Freeze Rollers are especially helpful for pain and inflammation in hard-to-reach places. They’re also travel-sized, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Roll-On Relief

5,000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Drops
Roll-On Relief

CBD Freeze Roller

$44.99 – $149.99

Testimonial Quote

Crescent Canna’s CBD Freeze Roller is just what I needed for the lower back pain I suffer from. The roller is the perfect size and provides instant relief for my pain. I highly recommend this product.

Debra V.

CBD Rollers Have High-Quality Ingredients for Maximum Impact

The carefully selected ingredients in our CBD rollers have proven health benefits when it comes to treating pain and inflammation. When combined, they’re even more effective, enhancing each other’s effects.

Each roll-on contains 1,000 mg, 3,000 mg, or 5,000 mg of pure, THC-free CBD isolate. To enhance the pain-relieving properties, we also add high-quality natural derivatives like menthol, camphor, Yerba Mate, organic aloe vera, Vitamin E, and organic arnica.

Each of these ingredients has its own healing benefits. For example, Vitamin E helps preserve the moisture barrier of your skin, helping the skin heal after being irritated or wounded and organic arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory that can hasten healing by increasing circulation.

With high-quality ingredients, easy application, and effective pain and inflammation relief, CBD rollers have so many benefits. Discover how easy relief can be! Try a Crescent Canna CBD Freeze Roller today.

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