Vaping CBD with a CBD Vape Cartridge

If you’re looking for a fast-acting CBD product, Crescent Canna’s CBD vape cartridges are an unbeatable option.

Your Quick Start Guide to Vaping CBD

This year, CBD vaping came of age. Although oral CBD drops remain the most popular way of taking CBD, vaping is becoming increasingly popular as well. If you haven’t yet tried CBD vaping for yourself — well, what are you waiting for?

This article provides a quick start guide to using CBD vape cartridges. You will learn how to use your CBD vape cart and what equipment you need in order to have the best possible vaping experience. You will also learn the benefits of vaping CBD and why CBD vapes have become so popular.

What Are the Benefits of Vaping CBD?

There are two reasons why so many people are vaping CBD these days: absorption speed and bioavailability.

Faster Absorption Speed

Aside from having CBD injected directly into your bloodstream, there is no faster way to get CBD — or any active ingredient — into your system than by inhaling it. Sublingual administration of CBD oil is pretty fast. But it is not as fast as inhalation.

Electronic cigarettes are a perfect example of why absorption speed is so important. Before e-cigarettes, the most common replacements of tobacco for people trying to quit smoking were oral products like gums and lozenges. But vaping is more satisfying than these because of the way it enables immediate absorption of the nicotine. Inhalation is the fastest way to get a compound into your system, and thus vaping e-cigarettes has become the most popular method for smokers to kick the habit.

When you vape CBD, you’re getting that same benefit. Your system absorbs the CBD almost instantly. So CBD vape cartridges are the best option if you’re looking for the kind of CBD product that works as quickly as possible.

Greater Bioavailability

When you consume an active ingredient orally, your liver neutralizes a part of it, rendering that part inactive before the compound can reach your bloodstream. This phenomenon is called the first pass effect, and it is the main reason that doses of oral medications are often larger than the doses of injected medications.

Holding CBD oil under your tongue before swallowing it mitigates the first-pass effect; your liver doesn’t process CBD that is absorbed through your oral mucosa.

In the case of inhalation, all of the CBD that your lungs absorb goes directly to your bloodstream, providing you with the greatest bioavailability of any consumer CBD product.

What Equipment Do You Need in Order to Use CBD Vape Cartridges?

A CBD vape cartridge has threading at the bottom that enables you to connect it to a vaping device. Virtually any vaping device with threading at the top will work with a CBD vape cartridge. But you need to select a device that can operate at a low wattage. If you are a beginner, a small vape pen like an eGo e-cig battery or similar device is ideal. You can also use a vape pen or box mod with adjustable wattage settings; but in this case, make sure that you can set the device to operate at about 8 watts to 12 watts before using the vape cartridge.

There are two reasons why it’s crucial to use a low-wattage device when vaping CBD. The first is that CBD vaporizes at a lower temperature than nicotine e-liquid vaporizes, and you don’t want to burn the CBD. The second is that a typical CBD vape cartridge is filled with a thick oil that flows only very slowly through the wicking system of the cartridge. If you vape at too high a wattage, you’ll experience a harsh “dry hit” when the wick of the cartridge dries out.

How to Use a CBD Vape Cartridge

Once you’ve found an appropriate vaping device to use with your CBD vape cartridge, charge the device and connect the cartridge. If you’re using a vaping device with adjustable wattage settings, set it to the lowest available wattage. Once you’ve become accustomed to using the cartridge and are certain that it won’t produce a dry hit, you can gradually increase the wattage until you’re happy with the warmth and volume of the vapor.

To vape, inhale while holding the button of your vaping device. Hold the vapor in your lungs for several seconds before exhaling it. Repeat this process a few times if you like. At the end of your vaping session, pause to evaluate how you feel. Although CBD reaches your bloodstream almost immediately when you inhale it, the way CBD interacts with your body is complex, and you may not feel the full effect right away. So it’s a good idea to put the vape pen down for a while (we recommend about 30 minutes) and gauge the effect that the CBD is having on your body before you vape again.

Remember that by vaping CBD, you are circumventing the first-pass metabolism of the liver, which means that you can use less CBD to get the same effect you would get from a larger amount of CBD in an oral product like CBD gummies. We recommend that you space your vaping sessions out a bit until you understand how vaping CBD is affecting you.

Vaping the Crescent Canna Difference

Ready to try vaping CBD for yourself? Crescent Canna’s CBD vape cartridges are small-batch crafted with nothing but high-purity CBD isolate, natural terpenes, and fractionated coconut oil (MCT) for a smooth and delightful cannabis flavor, and of course, fast CBD absorption. Crescent CBD Vape Carts are available in Strawberry Cough, Headband OG, and Pineapple Express terpene flavors and independently lab-tested for quality and purity.