CBD Vape Cartridges

Everything you want and nothing you don’t. Crescent Canna’s CBD vape oil cartridges contain organic hemp-derived CBD isolate, enhanced with natural terpene blends. Our CBD vape carts are also THC-free and lab-tested for quality and purity.

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Benefits of Using CBD Vape Cartridges

Fast-Acting CBD Intake. If you want your body to absorb CBD quickly, nothing beats vaping. Since it is their job to bring oxygen into the bloodstream, the lungs are densely packed with capillaries. By vaping CBD, you can use that to your advantage and have CBD circulating throughout your body in seconds.

Higher Bioavailability Means Less Waste. When you ingest CBD, liver metabolism neutralizes a significant portion of the CBD, meaning that a portion is wasted. Vaping CBD bypasses the first-pass metabolism of the liver, which leaves a higher percentage of CBD available for the bloodstream to absorb.

Incredible Terpene Flavor. We infuse our CBD vape cartridges with strain-specific, natural terpene blends that mimic the terpene profiles of some of the most popular hemp strains. Our vape cartridges explode with delightful cannabis flavor.

Compatible With Most Vape Pens. Our CBD vape cartridges use the industry-standard 510 threading, so they’ll work with almost any vape pen or device on the market. We recommend using our vape cartridges at low wattage settings to preserve the delicate flavors of the terpenes.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Vape Carts

How Do I Use Crescent Canna CBD Vape Oil Cartridges?
To use a Crescent Canna CBD vape oil cartridge, simply connect the cartridge to any vape pen or mod with 510 or eGo threading. Virtually all vape devices that have threading for tanks or cartridges use the 510-threading style, so our cartridges will work with almost any vaping device. If your device has adjustable wattage, set the device to the lowest available wattage setting and increase the power slowly until you reach your desired level of vapor production and warmth. To vape, inhale gently while holding your device’s activation button.
How Often Should I Use CBD Vape Oil Cartridges?
Let your body tell you how much CBD is enough. Remember that if you’re used to using sublingual/oral CBD oil, you may find that CBD feels a little different when you inhale it. We recommend starting with just one or two puffs and waiting 15 to 30 minutes before deciding whether to try more.
Do Your CBD Vape Oil Cartridges Contain THC?
No. We produce our CBD vape oil using CBD isolate, which is over 99 percent pure and contains no detectable THC.
Do Your CBD Vape Oil Cartridges Contain Vitamin E Acetate?
No. Our CBD vape cartridges do NOT contain Vitamin E acetate. They contain only CBD isolate, fractionated coconut oil (MCT), and natural terpenes. Nothing else.
Do You Use Non-GMO Hemp?
Yes. We source our hemp from American farmers who grow according to organic practices and use non-GMO seed. Our CBD vape cartridges are also vegan.
How Do You Verify the Purity of Your CBD Vape Oil?

We verify the purity of our CBD vape oil – and the CBD isolate from which the vape oil is derived – through testing via an independent third-party laboratory. We believe in total transparency in the CBD industry and publish our lab tests for all to see. View our lab test results.


Organic Cannabidiol (CBD) Extract, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Organic Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors


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20% off your first order with code CBD2021. Free shipping on orders over $99.