Cannabis for Father’s Day

Give your dad the gift of relaxation, pain relief, and a good night’s sleep by getting him cannabis products this Father’s Day.

Hemp-derived cannabis products are the perfect gift for your dad.

Every year, dads get the same gifts for Father’s Day. Golf balls they’re bound to lose. Ties they’ll never wear. Mugs adorned with the phrase “World’s Best Dad”.

Don’t make this year every year. Give your dad a gift he actually wants: cannabis products that can help him relax and feel better.

Here are just a few ways cannabis can help your dad this Father’s Day.

Pain Relief

It’s likely you were a pain in the neck for your dad at some point growing up. Now you can make up for it by helping him ease any neck pain, or pain in the rest of his body, by giving him CBD topicals.

CBD Freeze Rollers provide immediate, targeted pain relief and a pleasant cooling sensation through anti-inflammatory ingredients like menthol and camphor. If your father is active, CBD Recovery Cream will help him stay active with a potent dose of CBD and soothing ingredients like eucalyptus, peppermint, and vitamin B6.

If he suffers from pain and inflammation, these topicals will make a world of difference. Because of their travel size and hassle-free application, he can take them on the go and apply them quickly whenever pain flares up.

Stress Reduction

Juggling all the responsibilities associated with fatherhood can be stressful. Help relieve some of that stress by giving your dad the gift of relaxation!

Full-Spectrum CBD Drops can help your dad fully relax. These tinctures contain a range of beneficial cannabinoids, like CBD, CBG, and CBN, each with their own unique soothing properties. These soothing properties are enhanced by a synergistic interaction known as the entourage effect.

Cannabis for Father’s Day

Full-spectrum CBD oil can help your dad chill out and unwind. He can mix them into food or drinks or, for immediate relief, use them sublingually.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Being a dad can be tiring. It involves long hours, late nights, and demanding coworkers (kids).

That’s why the perfect gift for fathers is the gift of a goodnight’s sleep. Cannabinoids have numerous sleep-supporting properties that will ensure your dad falls asleep quickly and stays asleep.

Crescent Canna’s CBG + CBD Sleep Gummies contain the optimal blend of natural ingredients for improving sleep: CBD, CBG, melatonin, and L-theanine.

Good Vibes

Almost every Father’s Day activity, whether it’s golfing, barbecuing, or seeing a movie, can be made better with THC edibles.

THC gummies will uplift your father’s mood and enhance his experiences. Our THC gummies with CBD provide the perfect balance of THC and CBD for creating a soothing, balanced high — a positive psychoactive experience with awesome vibes.

Cannabis for Dads

No matter where he lives, your father can enjoy THC edibles. Crescent Canna offers federally legal, lab-tested THC gummies that are also registered with the Louisiana Department of Health.

The Best Cannabis Products for Dad

Dads love Crescent Canna’s high-quality cannabis products! Not only are they dad-approved, but they’re also hemp-derived, federally legal, lab-tested, and registered with the Louisiana Department of Health.

Make your dad’s day! Get him cannabis products you can trust.

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WARNING: Keep THC products out of the reach of children and animals. THC products are for purchase and use only by persons 21 or older. Do not use THC products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consuming THC products may impair your ability to drive and operate machinery and may cause sedation. Use extreme caution. Consult a doctor before using THC products. Do not use them if you are taking medication or may have a health condition.


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