We’ve visited farms across the country in the quest to find growers who are as committed to quality as we are, and who adhere to our standards throughout the cultivation process. All Crescent hemp flower is organic, domestically grown, and lab tested for quality and potency. See each strain’s testing results below. All strains contain less than .3% Delta 9-THC.

Suzy Q Hemp Flower

Total CBD = 13.29%
Δ 9-THC = 0.05%

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Lifter Hemp Flower

Total CBD = 15.59%
Δ 9-THC = 0.13%

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Special Sauce Hemp Flower

Total CBD = 18.28%
Δ 9-THC = 0.08%

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Bubba Kush Hemp Flower

Total CBD = 13.23%
Δ 9-THC = 0.25%

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Be safe. We are all in this together. Use code TOGETHER for 20% off all orders.