How Does Cannabis Make You Feel?

Cannabis can ease your stress, reduce your pain, uplift your mood, and help you sleep.

According to a recent survey, 49% of American adults have tried THC products. Another survey found that 14% regularly use CBD products. Despite cannabis becoming rapidly more popular, many people still don’t understand its effects and benefits.

Depending on the kind of cannabis product, your experience can be completely different. Not to mention, each cannabinoid has individual properties that produce unique results.

Let’s look at how CBD makes you feel, the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil, and the psychoactive effects of THC.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Because CBD is nonpsychoactive — does not produce a high — its effects tend to be subtler and more wellness-based than those of THC. For this reason, CBD is great for providing relief from various ailments when you don’t want to be intoxicated.

After you eat a cannabis gummy or take CBD oil sublingually, you will typically feel calmer and more at ease. You may experience full-body wellness benefits like the reduction of sleep issues or widespread pain relief.

How Do CBD Topicals Make You Feel?

Unlike ingestible CBD products which provide relief throughout your body, CBD topicals provide targeted relief. Because the topicals interact directly with cannabinoid receptors in your skin, bioavailability is maximized and results are immediate.

Applying a CBD topical like CBD Recovery Cream and CBD Freeze Rollers will quickly reduce or even eliminate pain and inflammation. The effects normally last two to five hours.

How Does Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Make You Feel?

Because CBD isolate products contain only CBD, with no other cannabinoids or terpenes, you only feel the effects of CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD products, on the other hand, contain both CBD and many other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, like CBG, CBN, and trace levels of Delta-9 THC. The various cannabinoids work together synergistically, enhancing each other’s benefits in an interaction called the entourage effect.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil can make you feel relaxed and uplifted, reduce pain, and help you sleep better. Because it contains only trace levels of Delta-9 THC, it will not make you feel intoxicated.

How Does THC Make You Feel?

After you consume a THC edible, it generally takes thirty to ninety minutes for the effects to kick in. Because the effects are psychoactive, you will definitely notice.

The effects include feeling relaxed and uplifted and such wellness benefits as nausea reduction and better sleep. There is a chance that you will also feel some paranoia or anxiety, so it’s a good idea to take THC gummies with CBD; CBD counteracts such side effects.

The Effects of Delta-8 THC vs. Delta-9 THC

The two most popular kinds of THC are Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC. Both are federally legal when derived from hemp. However, Delta-9 THC products have the additional legal restriction of not containing more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by weight.

Although Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC have similar effects, Delta-8 is only about two-thirds as potent. Because of this, if you prefer a milder experience, Delta-8 is a great option for you.

Cannabis Products That Make You Feel Good

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WARNING: Keep THC products out of the reach of children and animals. THC products are for purchase and use only by persons 21 or older. Do not use THC products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consuming THC products may impair your ability to drive and operate machinery and may cause sedation. Use extreme caution. Consult a doctor before using THC products. Do not use them if you are taking medication or may have a health condition.


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