Matt Triplett Bull Riding

Matt Triplett uses Crescent Canna CBD to get back up on the bull. Photo by Andy Watson.

World-renowned professional bull rider Matt Triplett has had plenty of ups and downs. When he suffers from severe injuries and aches and pains inflicted during “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports,” he uses Crescent Canna CBD products to help him get back up on the bull.

Born to Ride

Ever since he was a kid, Triplett knew that he wanted to be a bull rider. “My dad, he rode bulls. I just looked at my dad as my hero. I wanted to do exactly what he did. I thought he was crazy. He’s like Superman that he can ride these crazy bulls that could hurt him in a second.” “As soon as I strapped my first bull, I knew that that was my love, that was my passion.” Triplett enjoys the adrenaline rush that bull riding provides, as one of the most exhilarating sports in the world.

The Most Dangerous Eight Seconds in Sports

In bull riding, a rider mounts a bull and tries to stay on for as long as possible. The bull, for its part, tries to disencumber itself of the rider. To get a score in bull riding, riders must stay on the bull for at least eight seconds with one hand on the bull rope. The bull and the rider both receive scores out of 50, which are added together to make the total score for the ride. Triplett is famous for his impressive and daring bull riding. He is a seven-time World Finals qualifier and finished second in the World Championships in 2019.

Using CBD to Get Back on the Bull

Last fall, Triplett was severely injured. He had to miss the remainder of his season, including the Professional Bull Rider World Finals. “The high-potency drops got tested out after my hip surgery,” he reports.

“I used the CBD Drops every day after I had surgery, and it really made the healing process go a lot faster. As of right now, I’m back to 100%.”

Bull riding is physically taxing, so Triplett is no stranger to serious surgeries. “My left shoulder has had two surgeries. So before I ride, I use the 5,000 mg Recovery Cream on it. It warms it up tremendously and makes it feel loose and comfortable for me to make the right bull riding moves that I need to make with my shoulder.”

Riding Out Everyday Aches, Pains, and Stress With CBD

Being a bull rider means regularly taking a beating. Triplett suffers from aches and pains every day because of his profession.

“I use the drops every morning, and they help a lot with the daily pain I’ve accumulated from being on the circuit for ten years getting on the rankest bulls in the world. It does wonders for my body and being able to not be sore all the time.”

Combining daily use of CBD Drops with topical CBD on his shoulder, Triplett’s even been able to discontinue taking over-the-counter pain killers. “I used to take three ibuprofen three times a day, and CBD has replaced that completely.” Crescent Canna CBD also helps Triplett deal with stress. “It helps with my stress levels each day too. It just kind of calms me down and helps me not feel so psyched up about the little things that irritate me every day.”

Cutting Through the Bull on CBD

Triplett frequently recommends Crescent Canna products to friends, family, and coworkers, telling them about the benefits of CBD and dispelling misconceptions they have about it. “I know people on the fence because they think it has THC.” While THC can be present is some CBD products, Crescent Canna has a range of pure CBD isolate products that are ideal for athletes because they are independently lab-tested and guaranteed to contain zero THC.

“There’s no THC in it whatsoever. It’s just pure CBD, and it won’t come up in a drug test. So you’re 100% able to use this stuff and get all the benefits you need to make you feel better.”

You Don’t Have to Be a Bull Rider to Love CBD

Triplett says it’s “pretty amazing” to hear how Crescent Canna CBD products help the people to whom he recommends them. His favorite Crescent Canna products include our 9,000 mg Max Strength Mandarin Lime CBD Drops and 5,000 mg CBD Recovery Cream. If Crescent Canna CBD can help a battered bull rider find relief, find out what it can do for you at


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