Crescent Canna Lab

A Crescent Canna lab technician filling bottles of our new Full-Spectrum CBD Drops.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust in the CBD industry. At Crescent Canna, we’re dedicated to producing superior products and innovating new ones in order to meet the evolving needs of CBD consumers everywhere. In fact, we’ve been able to develop the strongest CBD oil in the world. What makes our operation successful? Read on to learn a little more about the processes and people making Crescent Canna products exceptional.


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1. Small-batch manufacturing is our secret sauce.

All of our products are manufactured in small batches, using top-of-the-line equipment, allowing for a higher degree of care and attention to detail. Our lab is a sterile, precisely climate-controlled environment to prevent cross-contamination and maintain ingredient integrity. We use no-temperature blending for topical CBD products, and low-temperature blending for our CBD tinctures. This preserves the quality and concentration of our CBD isolate, as well as any essential oils and natural flavorings present in our recipes. We put our proprietary blends through a final filtering process, followed by hot-fill bottling, to ensure sterility, maintain CBD concentrations, and prevent ingredient settling and degradation.

2. We don’t cut corners. Period.

Our manufacturing process involves multiple layers of quality control. It’s certainly not the cheapest way, but it’s the kind of meticulous attention to detail necessary to obtain the superior products our customers deserve. The quality of our products is the most important factor in our business, and we will never sacrifice that quality by cutting corners or speeding up our processes.

Quote Icon Full-Spectrum CBD Drops are part of my daily regimen to keep my old bones from feeling as old as they actually are. I can’t say enough good things about these wonderful drops.
Quote Icon

Full-Spectrum CBD Drops are part of my daily regimen to keep my old bones from feeling as old as they actually are. I can’t say enough good things about these wonderful drops.

3. Our team-driven approach helps us create the best CBD products.

Although everyone on our team has an area of expertise, we’re all cross-trained, from production to bottling to shipping. This ensures that everyone understands the process and works together to create the best CBD products and deliver them efficiently to our customers. Our all-hands-on-deck team dynamic helps keep our lab and processes finely tuned. It also helps our team grow and learn in a multifaceted industry that constantly is evolving. We want everyone on our team to feel important — because they are important.

4. Our passion is matched by our experience.

Our team is passionate about the benefits of CBD and are advocates for the safe and effective use of hemp. We use CBD ourselves and we share it with our friends and families. We’re also deeply experienced in laboratory settings and in CBD production. Our lab is led by cannabis innovators with more than a decade of product R&D under their belts. We geek out on innovation, precision, consistency, and testing. It’s this focus on innovation and commitment to research that facilitated our creation of the highest potency CBD oils on the market.

5. We’re a one-stop-shop.

From production and bottling to packing and distribution, our facility in Mooresville, North Carolina, is a one-stop laboratory and fulfillment center. Many CBD brands white-label their products from large-scale manufacturers, meaning they don’t actually make the products they sell. Some small companies even manufacture products in a home basement or kitchen. At Crescent Canna, we pride ourselves on being a small business with a robust operation. We’re small-batch producers who maintain the highest level of manufacturing standards every step of the way.

6. We make products for ourselves and our loved ones.

We make our products with family in mind, because our families use Crescent Canna products, too. From ingredients and production to quality control and testing, we put safety, quality, and transparency above all else. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, there is no way it’s getting near our customers.

All of these things contribute to what we call the Crescent Canna Difference. We’re confident in our abilities and standards, and we’re not afraid of challenges. We’re here to continue innovating and delivering the best CBD products at the best prices to our friends, families, and customers across the nation.

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