Testing Results

Crescent Canna products are made from premium US-grown hemp and tested at an independent, accredited laboratory to ensure quality, purity, and potency. Click below to view full-panel certificates of analysis (COAs) for all of our products.

CategoryProductBatch Testing
DrinksWobble Strawberry Pineapple 10 mgWBBL_1001
DrinksC9 Tropical 6 mgCR038
DrinksC9 Tropical 6 mgCR037
DrinksC9 Tropical 6 mgCR036
DrinksC9 Strawberry Lemonade 50 mgCR035
DrinksC9 Tropical 6 mgCR032
DrinksC9 Ginger Lemonade 5 mgCR029
DrinksC9 Ginger Lemonade 5 mgCC9GL_1001
DrinksC9 Tropical 6 mgCC9_1010
DrinksC9 Sour Watermelon 10 mgCC9WM_1002
DrinksC9 Strawberry Lemonade 50 mgCC9HSSBL_1001
DrinksJet Life Grape Lemonade 50 mgJLGL1001-1
DrinksC9 Drink Syrup 50 mgBED9_1002
EdiblesJet Life 100 mg GummyJLGLMAX_1001
EdiblesMax Lemon 100 mg CCMAXLM_1001
EdiblesMax Blue Raspberry 100 mgCCMAXBR_1001
EdiblesCanna Moons Peach 12 mg101821
EdiblesCanna Moons Green Apple 12 mg102121
EdiblesCanna Moons Blue Raspberry 12 mg101821
EdiblesCanna Moons Strawberry 25 mg2752
EdiblesCanna Moons Pink Lemonade 25 mg2752
EdiblesCanna Moons Watermelon 25 mg2752
EdiblesCanna Moons Grape 25 mg2752
EdiblesCanna Moons Mango 25 mgHD009
EdiblesCanna Moons Lime 5 mgCC4-061323B
EdiblesCanna Moons Cherry 5 mgCC4-061323C
EdiblesCanna Moons Mango 5 mgCC4-061323A
EdiblesMeteor Bites Rainbow 25mgCCD9_MBFP_1001
EdiblesSelect Spectrum Sleep 50 mgCC275-1000223-2
EdiblesSelect Spectrum Sleep 25 mg CC278-100523-1
EdiblesCBD Strawberry Kiwi Gummies 50 mgCC101-041024
EdiblesCBD Sour Watermelon Gummies 50 mgCC101-041024
EdiblesCBD Lime Gummies 100 mgCC101-032023
EdiblesCBD + CBG Sleep Gummies 20 mg9001
TincturesCBD Drops Unflavored 500 mgCCTIN500_1004
TincturesCBD Drops Unflavored 1000 mgCCTIN_1000_1003
TincturesCBD Drops Unflavored 2000 mgCCTIN2000_1003
TincturesCBD Drops Mandarin Lime 500 mgCCTIN500_1004
TincturesCBD Drops Mandarin Lime 1000 mgCCTIN_1000_1003
TincturesCBD Drops Mandarin Lime 2000 mgCCTIN2000_1003
TincturesCBD Drops Mandarin Lime 5000 mgCCTIN_5000_1004
TincturesCBD Drops Mandarin Lime 9000 mgCCTIN_9000_1004
TincturesCBD Drops Peppermint 500 mgCCTIN500_1004
TincturesCBD Drops Peppermint 1000 mgCCTIN_1000_1003
TincturesCBD Drops Peppermint 2000 mgCCTIN2000_1003
TincturesCBD Drops Peppermint 5000 mgCCTIN_5000_1004
TincturesCBD Drops Peppermint 9000 mgCCTIN_9000_1004
TincturesCBD Drops Strawberry 500 mgCCTIN500_1004
TincturesCBD Drops Strawberry 1000 mgCCTIN_1000_1003
TincturesCBD Drops Strawberry 2000 mgCCTIN2000_1003
TincturesFull-Spec Natural 1500 mgFSTIN1500_1002
TincturesFull-Spec Natural 5000 mgFSTIN5000_1002
TincturesFull-Spec Bright Citrus 1500 mgFSTIN1500_1002
TincturesFull-Spec Bright Citrus 5000 mgFSTIN5000_1002
TincturesCrescent Pets Bacon 400 mgCCTIN_400_1003
TincturesCrescent Pets Bacon 800 mgCCTIN_800_1003
TincturesCrescent Pets Peanut Butter 400 mgCCTIN_400_1003
TincturesCrescent Pets Peanut Butter 800 mgCCTIN_800_1003
TopicalsFreeze Roller 1000 mg FRTOP_1000_1003
TopicalsFreeze Roller 3000 mgFRTOP_3000_1006
TopicalsFreeze Roller 5000 mgFRTOP_5000_1007
TopicalsRecovery Cream 500 mg CCTOP_500_1002
TopicalsRecovery Cream 1000 mg CCTOP_1000_1002
TopicalsRecovery Cream 3000 mg CCTOP_3000_1003
TopicalsRecovery Cream 5000 mg CCTOP_5000_1003
PowdersCBD IsolateCCISO_1017
PowdersFul-Spectrum Powder FSISO_1002
PowdersCBN IsolateCBNISO 1004
PowdersCBG IsolateCBGISO 1005


We Take Testing Seriously

Why Is Third-Party Lab Testing Important?

Hemp is a bioremediator, which means that anything the roots touch in the soil can be soaked up by the plant. For this reason, hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts have the potential to be contaminated by potentially harmful substances like lead, BPA, mold, pesticides, and so on.

Every batch of cannabinoids used in Crescent Canna products is sent to a third-party ISO17025-accredited testing facility to independently verify quality and potency before being used in any of our products.

Our cannabis products receive full-panel screenings, which test for concentrations of cannabinoids as well as for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, microbes, and other toxins.

At Crescent Canna, we take great pride in the quality of our cannabis — along with all the other ingredients that go into our products. You can rest assured that every single Crescent cannabis product contains only high-quality cannabinoids and has been independently tested to ensure potency, purity, and quality.


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