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Elevate your Thanksgiving feast with Canna Moons 25 mg THC Gummies.

More and more people are enjoying cannabis during the holidays to elevate their celebrations and enhance their relaxation.

For many, holidays provide an excellent reason to indulge in cannabis. The uplifting effects of cannabis can make social activities with family and friends even more fun. The soothing properties of cannabis can help lessen holiday stress. Overall, cannabis can ensure you enjoy festivities to the fullest.

In this article, we’ll discuss the holidays with the highest cannabis sales and uncover why people enjoy using cannabis to enhance their holiday celebrations. Keep reading to discover how cannabis is turning up the excitement on these “high holidays.”


Thanksgiving, a holiday of gratitude and gathering, is also the perfect time to embrace the calming qualities of cannabis. As loved ones come together to laugh, chat, and eat way too much turkey, some find that adding cannabis to the mix can enhance the experience. In recent years, cannabis sales leading up to Thanksgiving have seen a big increase, with a notable surge in cannabis edibles and beverages, likely thanks to their discreet nature.

In the cannabis industry, the day before Thanksgiving is actually known as “Green Wednesday,” thanks to the surge in cannabis sales right before the holiday. According to a research study from Headset, in 2022, there was a 48% increase in sales on Green Wednesday compared to the other Wednesdays in November.

The holiday season can bring its share of stress, and this is where cannabis plays its part by encouraging relaxation and connection. Whether it’s to soothe pre-Thanksgiving feast jitters or to encourage creative conversation, cannabis has found its place at the Thanksgiving table. Plus, what better day to get the munchies than Thanksgiving?


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THC gummies make the perfect stocking-stuffer.

Christmas is all about giving and receiving, and cannabis products are no exception. Christmas is one of the most lucrative holidays for the cannabis industry. In 2022, the United States saw a 17% increase in cannabis sales during the week leading up to Christmas. Products like THC gummies, topicals, and cannabis beverages tend to fly off the shelves during the holiday season since they make great gifts.

Many cannabis users find that taking a gummy or sipping THC-infused drinks can enhance Christmas festivities, helping them get into the holiday spirit. Amidst the hustle and bustle of running from one family gathering to another, cannabis can help them slow down and enjoy the moment a bit more, with its relaxing properties.


You know this list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate high holiday: 420.

420 is the unofficial cannabis holiday and is celebrated by cannabis users nationwide. It’s a day to enjoy cannabis with loved ones, appreciate the many benefits of the plant, and promote advocacy for legalization. On April 20 and the week leading up to it, the cannabis industry typically experiences record-breaking sales. A 2022 report from BDSA predicted a 50% increase in daily sales on 420.

There are so many ways to celebrate 420, ranging from throwing a full-blown 420 party to enjoying a relaxing cannabis experience at home.


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With uplifting and euphoric effects, our Low-Dose THC Gummies are an excellent Halloween treat for adults.

Halloween isn’t just about kids trick-or-treating; it’s also a time for adults to enjoy fun treats as well. Cannabis-infused goodies — particularly THC gummies and chocolates — are extremely popular. In 2022, there was a 6% increase in edible sales on Halloween.

With lots of Halloween parties going on, cannabis can provide an excellent way to unwind and fully enjoy the festivities. The combination of craving sweet treats plus the spooky party spirit makes it an ideal time for cannabis edibles.

Fourth of July

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Making a splash, Crescent 9 Tropical THC Seltzer was a huge hit for Fourth of July celebrations.

Independence Day celebrations often include fireworks and barbecues, two things that pair perfectly with cannabis.

Taking an edible before enjoying the fiery festivities and ultra-competitive family lawn games can take the whole experience to a new level. The Fourth of July is a prime time for cannabis sales, with THC drinks gaining popularity as a convenient and discreet option for consumers.

A 2020 study  that Americans were expected to “spend more on cannabis than cookouts” over the Fourth of July weekend. According to a 2021 report from cannabis market analysts BDSA, July 4 had the highest cannabis sales by far in the month of July, seeing a 30% increase over the daily average that month.

Labor Day

Cannabis sales on the Friday before Labor Day weekend in 2023 increased by 15.2% compared to other Fridays that month. The largest increase in sales was in the topicals category, with beverages and flower following close behind.

Marking the end of summer, Labor Day is celebrated with outdoor gatherings that cannabis can enhance with its relaxing properties, allowing you to fully appreciate and soak in the last days of summer. Whether the holiday is spent with friends, or solo as a much-needed break from work, many use cannabis to kick back and unwind.

Soothing cannabis products like THC gummies for sleep can help you truly embrace relaxation, promoting good sleep so you can recharge and sleep in on your day off.

Mardi Gras

Let the good times roll at Mardi Gras with cannabis! A vibrant and lively holiday with colorful parades and parties, Mardi Gras in Louisiana is famous worldwide. This holiday is also embraced by cannabis enthusiasts, likely because the relaxed atmosphere and festive spirit of Mardi Gras make it a perfect occasion for enjoying THC.

While recreational marijuana is illegal in Louisiana, the state has embraced hemp-derived THC products. In fact, Louisiana’s first THC drink, Crescent 9 THC Seltzer, was launched during Mardi Gras last year and due to its success, Crescent 9 THC Seltzer is now available at hundreds of bars, shops, and grocery stores throughout Louisiana.

Elevate Holidays With Cannabis

Holidays offer an opportunity for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite plant while celebrating with friends and family.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve to meet holiday demand, innovative products like Delta-9 gummies and THC drinks have become popular options for those seeking enhanced

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