College students drinking Crescent 9 at a bar.

Dry January is all the buzz as more Americans choose to reduce their consumption of alcohol. A survey from Civic Science found that nearly a quarter of adults aim to stay sober through January, with many citing the unhealthy effects of alcohol as their motivation.

Alcohol is fun to drink, but it has its downsides. We created Crescent 9 THC Seltzer as a refreshing new way to enjoy a buzz without the booze.

Since we launched our THC drinks line last year, we’ve heard from many people who have been rethinking their relationship with alcohol as a result of trying Crescent 9: customers, partners, bar and restaurant owners, festival attendees, grocery store shoppers, and our own employees, friends, and family members.

We conducted a survey of our own to try to quantify the impact that THC beverages are having on the drinking habits of our customers. It’s important to note that this is not a random sample — it’s a sample of our customers — and more research is certainly necessary. But the results are enlightening.

About the Survey

The survey elicited insights from 131 respondents. The respondents were all in Crescent Canna’s customer database and had tried Crescent 9 THC Seltzer at least once. We contacted them by email and offered a $20 coupon as a thank you for participating.

Other details about the respondents:

THC Seltzer Survey Respondents by Age

All responses were from individuals 21 and older, with the largest cohort being 35 to 44 years old.

THC Seltzer Survey results: What state are you from?

Respondents came from 31 states and Washington D.C., with a plurality (38%) coming from our home state of Louisiana.

They included about as many men as women, with a slight skew towards men (50.4%).

THC Seltzer Survey Respondents by THC Drinks Experience

Every respondent had tried Crescent 9 THC Seltzer. Around 40% had tried only Crescent 9, and just over 60% had tried at least one other THC beverage.

The Most Interesting Findings

Of 131 respondents, more than two-thirds (69%) reported a reduction in their alcohol consumption since trying THC drinks, with the largest cohort (43%) reporting they now “consume much less alcohol.” Zero respondents reported an increase in alcohol consumption.

THC Seltzer Survey: How has drinking THC beverages affected your alcohol consumption, if at all?

Perhaps most striking: 14% of respondents reported having “quit alcohol entirely” since trying THC beverages.

Additionally, roughly 10% of respondents reported that they never drink alcohol or had previously quit drinking alcohol. These responses are reflected in the “no change” bar. While Crescent 9 didn’t change their alcohol habits, it is clearly an effective aid for these respondents.

These findings suggest a strong correlation between adopting THC-infused beverages and lower consumption of alcoholic beverages.

There are many reasons that THC drinks seem to have such a strong impact on alcohol habits.

THC Seltzer Survey Results: For what reasons do you consume a THC beverage?

One of the main reasons that individuals give for consuming THC drinks is their effects. 82% of respondents consume a THC beverage because they like how it makes them feel.

56% of respondents cited the negative effects of alcohol as a reason for trying THC beverages. 66% of respondents cited the specific benefit of being able to avoid hangovers.

35% of respondents report the benefit of “less calories or sugar” as a reason for consuming THC beverages.

And of course, a significant 61% of respondents reported that taste was a reason for consuming THC beverages.

Word Cloud

To learn more about the appeal of Crescent 9, we asked respondents to provide three words that best describe Crescent 9 THC Seltzer. The stand-out descriptions were “refreshing,” “yummy,” “good,” “light,” and “tasty,” as illustrated in the word cloud below.

THC Seltzer Survey Results Wordcloud

What Our THC Seltzer Survey Means

These survey results indicate the powerful role that THC drinks can play in helping individuals who want to reduce or eliminate their consumption of alcohol. The results suggest that THC beverages can be both an effective way and an enjoyable way of reducing alcohol consumption.

Crescent 9 is the most fun and most social alternative to alcohol currently on the market. The product speaks for itself. But now the data speaks for it too.

David Reich

David Reich

David Reich is co-founder and chief marketing officer of Crescent Canna. He has been a leader in the digital marketing space for 13 years. In 2018, he co-founded Simply CBD, New Orleans’ first hemp products dispensary — now called Simply Cannabis — with three locations across the city.


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