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Producing uplifting effects in about 15 minutes, THC seltzer is the perfect alternative to alcohol.

Delicious and fast-acting, THC seltzers are great for unwinding at home or social situations.

A wave of popular seltzers has flooded the alcohol market. From beer companies to juice companies, it seems as if everyone has a hard seltzer.

And why not? Seltzers are light, low-calorie beverages that are great for almost any occasion, from concerts to days at the beach.

Who needs a hard seltzer, though, when you can enjoy one that helps you take it easy? For intoxicating bubbles without the booze, try THC seltzer.

What is THC?

Most of the effects that cannabis is known for are generated by THC, the most abundant cannabinoid. The psychoactive qualities of THC promote relaxation and euphoria.

Research suggests that THC may have other wellness benefits too, including the ability to help you sleep better.

Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC

There are many varieties of THC. But the one that is primarily responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis is Delta-9 THC. It exists in much smaller amounts in hemp than it does in marijuana. Even so, Delta-9 THC can be derived from hemp to create federally legal THC seltzer that adults anywhere in the country can enjoy.

Two women with THC Seltzer

With 50 mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, Crescent 9 High-Potency THC Seltzer packs a potent punch but still abides by federal regulations.

The Buzz About Hemp-Derived THC Seltzer

Fast-acting, convenient, and delicious, THC seltzer has been making a huge impact.

Available to adults across the country, hemp-derived THC seltzer has greatly widened the market for THC beverages. While marijuana products are legal in only 24 states, hemp products are federally legal.

Hemp-derived THC seltzer continues to surge in popularity, as more people recognize its benefits. According to Global Market Estimates, between 2021 to 2026, the global market for hemp-infused seltzers is on track to grow by over 30%.

Benefits of THC Seltzer

This bubbly beverage is one of the tastiest ways to enjoy THC. And it has many benefits.


Gummies, chocolate, pastries, and other THC edibles certainly taste good, but you have to wait anywhere from half an hour to 90 minutes for them to take effect. THC seltzers take effect in about 15 minutes.

Because you feel the effects sooner, you have greater control over their intensity. You can keep drinking if you like how the THC seltzer is making you feel and want more, or you can stop if you’re already satisfied.

An Option for Everyone

Making it even easier to control the intensity of your experience is all of the THC seltzer options available. Not only are there a range of flavors, but also a range of potencies to comfortably suit any tolerance level.

Crescent 9 offers a 5 mg THC Seltzer, 6 mg THC Seltzer, 10 mg THC Seltzer, and a 50 mg THC Seltzer.

Two people cheersing seltzer

The speedy effects of Crescent 9 Ginger Lemonade THC Seltzer make it perfect for socializing

A Social Buzz

Lots of calories and sugar. Stress. Tossing and turning. Hangovers. The downsides of drinking alcohol are inspiring more and more people to switch to delicious social beverages like THC seltzer instead.

Because sipping a seltzer can be a more social experience than eating a gummy, THC seltzers are great for hanging out with friends and loved ones. You can enjoy a refreshing buzz that helps you unwind and vibe — without having to worry about unpleasant side effects.

Low-Calorie and Delicious

Whether you are unwinding at home, relaxing at the beach, or drinking with friends, THC seltzer is undeniably refreshing. Because it often contains natural flavoring, it also tends to be low-calorie.

On average, a glass of wine (5 oz) contains about 120 calories; a can of beer (12 oz), 150 calories. But Crescent 9 THC Seltzer (12 oz) contains only 60 calories in tropical and 70 calories in Ginger Lemonade.

THC Seltzer vs. Alcohol chart

With fewer calories than most alcoholic drinks, THC seltzer is a healthy alternative.

The Versatility of THC Seltzer

There are so many experiences you can elevate with THC Seltzer.

THC Seltzer Cocktails

THC seltzer is highly satisfying on its own. But you can also get creative with it and craft tasty cocktails. Check out the delicious THC cocktail recipes at Making cannabis-infused mixed drinks has never been easier.

Typically, the hardest part of making a THC cocktail is infusing it with THC; with THC seltzer, that problem is solved, since it’s already infused.

THC Seltzer at Bars and Festivals

Perfect for partying, THC seltzer provides uplifting and euphoric effects. Plenty of bars across the country have begun to embrace hemp-derived THC seltzer as a buzz-worthy alcohol alternative. In fact, you can purchase Crescent 9 THC Seltzer at hundreds of bars throughout New Orleans and Nashville.

Even music festivals have hopped on the THC seltzer bandwagon, with events like Bayou Boogaloo, Pilgrimage Music Festival, and NOLA Funk Fest offering Crescent 9 THC Seltzer.

THC seltzer at a music festival

Pilgrimage Music Festival featured Crescent 9 Tropical THC Seltzer.

THC Seltzer in Grocery Stores

Due to their increased prevalence, THC drinks have gained mainstream appeal. In large part, this is due to the fact that they are popular among both cannabis users and individuals looking for alcohol alternatives.

Recognizing their potential, numerous large grocery chains have picked up THC Drinks including Rouses in Louisiana.

THC Seltzer for Unwinding

The relaxing effects of THC drinks make them great for unwinding at home. They can also help you fall sleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed in the morning.

A Refreshing New Buzz

THC seltzer is making a splash as a delightful new way to enjoy cannabis and an excellent alternative to alcohol. Give it a try and let the good vibes roll for any occasion, any time, from coast to coast.

Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis is the Senior Marketing Manager at Crescent Canna. She specializes in writing about cannabis, with a focus on its health benefits. She graduated from Tulane University with a B.A. in English.


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