How Much CBD Oil Should You Take

CBD oil comes in many different sizes and strengths. Learn how to determine the CBD dose that’s right for you.

Buying CBD products can be confusing if you’ve never tried them before. How do you know whether a 500 mg CBD tincture or a 2,000 mg CBD tincture is right for you? How do you assess factors like quality and effectiveness? This guide includes everything you need to know so you can choose the right CBD oil strength and the perfect CBD oil dosage for your needs.

How Do You Measure CBD Oil Strength?

The potency of CBD oil is based on two factors: the amount of CBD isolate (i.e., pure CBD extract) it contains and the amount of carrier oil and other ingredients. All Crescent CBD Drops come in a bottle that contains one fluid ounce (30 mL) of oil. Most of this is fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil), which is used as a carrier. It’s mixed with a very small amount of natural flavor and a specified amount of CBD isolate. When the strength of the CBD oil is increased from, say, 1,000 mg to 2,000 mg, the same ounce of carrier contains twice as much CBD isolate. Crescent CBD Drops come in strengths ranging from 500 mg to 9,000 mg of CBD per one-ounce bottle. Our 9,000 mg drops are actually the strongest CBD oil in the world.

CBD Oil Dosage Table

Crescent Canna’s CBD Drops come with a clearly marked dropper for easy and accurate measurement of up to 1 mL. Since there are 30 mL of oil in the bottle, just divide the specified CBD concentration by 30 to determine how much CBD you get in each 1 mL dropper.

CBD Per Bottle (30 mL)CBD Per Dropper (1 mL)
500 mg16.67 mg
1,000 mg33.33 mg
2,000 mg66.67 mg
5,000 mg167 mg
9,000 mg300 mg

Find the Right CBD Oil Dose for You

So how much CBD oil should you take? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer; the dosage that works best for you may differ from what works best for someone else. Strongest CBD Oil Dropper Potency By Milliliter That’s why we typically recommend starting with a low amount of CBD and increasing your CBD intake until you achieve the results you want. No matter which CBD product you buy, you can get a comparable amount of CBD by adjusting the amount of CBD oil you take. One full dropper of a 500 mg CBD tincture contains the same amount of CBD content (that is, 16.67 mg) as a half-dropper of a 1,000 mg CBD tincture. If you have severe symptoms, it may be more practical to use higher-strength CBD products, since you then get a larger dose of CBD oil in each dropper. A full dropper of our 9,000 mg Max Strength Drops provides 300 mg of CBD. But as you can see, a half-dropper still provides a potent 150 mg of CBD, and a quarter-dropper provides 75 mg of CBD.

Lowest CBD price per milligram

Even aside from other considerations, it often makes financial sense to purchase a higher-strength CBD oil simply because it’s more concentrated and therefore costs less per milligram. Crescent Canna’s High-Potency CBD Drops are the strongest CBD products on the market. These products also provide the best value on the market: the lowest cost per milligram of CBD. To determine the price per milligram of any CBD product, simply divide the total price of that product by the number of milligrams of CBD. For example, our 9,000 mg Max Strength CBD Drops retail for $229.99 per bottle and contain 9,000 mg of CBD, which amounts to 2.5 cents per milligram of CBD. Our 5,000 mg Extra Strength CBD Drops retail for $149.99 per bottle and contain 5,000 mg of CBD, which amounts to 2.9 cents per milligram of CBD. By creating products with the highest CBD oil potency, we’ve gotten the price per milligram of CBD down to the lowest in the industry. So even though many products out there have a lower price tag, you won’t find a better CBD value anywhere.

Choose a CBD Oil You Can Trust

At Crescent Canna, we value quality and transparency. Our CBD Drops are produced with the highest-quality CBD extracts and with all-natural ingredients. All of our product packaging has a QR code that links directly to full-panel testing results so that you can view the cannabinoid profile of each product for yourself and confirm that the product is free of any contamination. Contact our support team with any questions you may have about any of our CBD products. If you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult with a doctor to determine the best CBD regimen for your needs.


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