CBD Isolate Powder

Odorless and almost tasteless, pure CBD isolate is highly versatile.

CBD isolate is the most highly processed and purest form of cannabidiol (CBD), with all plant matter other than CBD removed. Crescent Canna’s high-quality CBD Isolate is over 99% pure, with absolutely no THC, contaminants, pesticides, or heavy metals. Because of its purity, lack of taste, and lack of odor, CBD isolate is completely versatile. Due to its versatility, the hardest part of using CBD isolate is deciding how you actually want to use it. There are countless different ways to consume, apply, or even smoke it. Below are some of the most popular methods for using CBD isolate.

Place it under your tongue.

To take CBD isolate sublingually, apply the CBD powder directly underneath your tongue and hold it there for about a minute. This is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD. By this method, CBD is absorbed by the mucous membranes and delivered directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and liver to provide more immediate and effective relief. The powder is odorless and has a mild, cannabis flavor.

Apply it to your skin.

You can also mix CBD isolate with a high-fat carrier oil and apply it to your skin or add it to your favorite topical for a boost. Many kinds of oil are good carriers for CBD, including olive oil and hemp seed oil. We like use MCT oil, made from medium-chain triglycerides, in our CBD Drops. Applying CBD isolate to your skin allows you to use your preferred topical product while enjoying an extra kick of the isolate and maintaining full control over the CBD dosage. It’s also fun to experiment and make your own DIY topical, whether lotion, salve, or cream.

Insert it in capsules and ingest.

For an effortless way to take CBD at the dosage you prefer, measure out the CBD isolate and insert it in capsules. As long as the capsules are stored in a dry, cool, and sealed container, this method works well for anyone on the go who wants a quick way to incorporate CBD into a daily routine. What’s more, buying CBD in bulk can make this method one of the most economical.

Infuse CBD isolate into the food.

CBD isolate has a natural hemp-like flavor that is unnoticeable when it’s mixed into food. If you infuse food with a dose of CBD isolate, we recommend first mixing it with oil to improve its bioavailability and increase its chances of permeating the gastrointestinal system and reaching the bloodstream.

Stir CBD isolate into sauces, soups, stir-fries, dressings, and brownie batter. Make sure you don’t heat the isolate too much lest it lose some of its potency.

Mix CBD isolate into beverages.

It’s even easier to mix CBD isolate into drinks, to create your own cannabis beverages. Consider blending it into smoothies or juices. It mixes especially well with hot beverages, so it’s easy to add to coffee and tea. You can even create your own drink sweetener using CBD isolate with honey, syrup, or stevia.

Cannabis-infused beverages being enjoyed by friends

Make your own delicious cannabis-infused beverages with CBD isolate.

Add it to hemp flower and roll it.

If you want a really high dose of CBD along with an entourage effect, add CBD isolate to hemp flower and roll it. Because of its purity, the isolate on its own won’t produce the entourage effect; but it will when combined with hemp flower. The hemp flower naturally contains a pretty high dose of CBD and other compounds, such as terpenes, fatty acids, flavanoids, and other cannabinoids.

Vape or dab it.

Vaping CBD isolate won’t get you high, but it will enable you to enjoy the effects of CBD quickly. CBD isolate can be mixed with terpenes to create homemade CBD concentrates, or it can be dabbed using a concentrate vaporizer or dry herb vaporizer.

Buy CBD isolate by the gram or wholesale.

Each batch of Crescent Canna’s CBD isolate receives a full-panel screening, which tests for concentrations of cannabinoids (CBD and THC) and for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, microbes, and other toxins. Our CBD isolate is over 99% pure CBD, making it some of the highest-quality CBD isolate on the market. This odorless and almost tasteless pure form of CBD is a safe, versatile, economical way to control your dose and get more value for your money. For businesses looking to purchase bulk CBD isolate, we sell wholesale CBD Isolate at industry-leading margins. Please contact us anytime with any questions you may have about our CBD products, our isolate, or our manufacturing and testing processes.


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