Cannabis and Golf

Use CBD products to improve your golf game and THC products to have more fun golfing.

Feel better, play better, and have more fun while golfing with cannabis products.

It’s well known that golfers love CBD products. A 2019 survey estimated that 29% of the top 125 golfers use CBD during and after playing golf.

However, CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid that golfers regularly use. Although the Professional Golf Association lists THC as a banned substance, the same survey confirmed that 20% of the top golfers had used THC products in 2019.

While CBD can improve your golf game, THC helps you have more fun while golfing.

Professional Golf and Cannabis

In 2019, Matt Every tested positive for cannabis in a PGA drug test and was suspended for 12 weeks. “It doesn’t do anybody any favors that it’s even on the list for a prohibited substance,” Every commented. “You could fail for heroin and marijuana and the penalty is the same. If anyone wants to make the argument that that is performance-enhancing, they have never done it before. I promise it’s not.”

In contrast, CBD products, which are even more popular among golfers, are not banned by the PGA. In fact, golfers like Bubba Watson and Scott McCarron openly use and promote CBD.

How CBD Benefits Your Golf Game

Stress can hurt your golf game. It makes golfing less enjoyable and it hampers performance by reducing your energy, power, and rhythm. Players can use CBD oil for effects they may find potentially calming.

A golfer holding a CBD roller

Use a CBD Freeze Roller for fast-acting relief after your next round.

CBD products like CBD Sleep Gummies and THC Sleep Gummies can provide soothing effects before going to sleep, getting golfers into a bedtime state of mind. One study found that better sleep quality is correlated with lower golf scores, an association largely attributable to the impact of sleep on memory, energy level, and stress.

How THC Affects Your Golf Game

In an entertaining study, Golf Digest followed three different golfers, at three different skill levels, as they gradually consumed more THC while playing golf.

The study found that using up to 18 mg of THC can improve a golfer’s game by reducing stress, relaxing muscles, and calming nerves. The author noted, “Consume in excess of that, however, and focus, energy, hand-eye coordination, and munchies become major impediments.”

If you’re looking to improve your game, consuming THC in small doses may help you play better. However, the reason many golfers use THC has nothing to do with lowering their scores and everything to do with increasing their enjoyment.

Golf is a social sport. Many people play with the sole goal of having fun. THC edibles enhance that fun. Delta-9 Gummies elevate your mood while having calming effects, making them perfect for outdoor, social situations like golf.

Also, consider ditching the beers and bringing along some THC seltzers to your next golf match. These social and sippable THC drinks provide an uplifting psychoactive experience. Their fast-acting effects ensure you have more control over your psychoactive experience, so you can reach the point of improving your game, and avoid tanking it.

Crescent Canna CBD and THC Products for Golf

Improve your golf game and enjoy golf more by using cannabis products. Crescent Canna’s high-quality CBD and THC products are third-party lab-tested and federally legal, so you can enjoy them on courses across the country.

Elevate your golf game with cannabis today!

Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis is the Senior Marketing Manager at Crescent Canna. She specializes in writing about cannabis, with a focus on its health benefits. She graduated from Tulane University with a B.A. in English.


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