Get Relief With CBD Topicals

Crescent Canna’s CBD topicals are packed with CBD and quality ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. With fast-acting, targeted effects, our CBD topicals provide soothing relief for your muscles and joints. 

All Crescent Canna CBD Topicals are THC-free, full-panel lab-tested, and registered with the Louisiana Department of Health.

Purchased CBD Recovery Cream and I love it! I recommend this product to anyone who wants to alleviate body discomfort. It’s been a game-changer!

Why Try Crescent Canna CBD Topicals

Crescent Canna’s premium CBD topicals are small-batch crafted with pure CBD isolate and high-quality ingredients. Try our CBD topicals for yourself and experience the Crescent Canna Difference today!

Premium, US-Grown Hemp.

In our CBD topical products, we use CBD isolate that is over 99% pure and extracted from hemp grown in the United States. It’s completely free of THC so it won’t cause you to fail a drug test.

High-Quality Ingredients.

Our CBD topicals are made with premium, natural ingredients that are good for your skin. Working together, they provide soothing and cooling relief to your muscles and joints. 

High-Potency CBD Topicals.

If you want results, use the strongest CBD products in the industry. Our CBD topicals line includes some of the most potent topical CBD products on the market. Check out our 3,000 mg and 5,000 mg CBD Recovery Creams and CBD Freeze Rollers.

Unbeatable Prices.

By creating products with the highest possible potency of CBD, we’re able to offer the lowest price per milligram of CBD in the industry. Our 5,000-mg CBD roll-on and CBD cream cost less than $0.03 per milligram of CBD.

Independent Third-Party Lab Testing.

All Crescent Canna products are sent to a third-party testing lab for full-panel screenings that evaluate quality, potency, and purity. You can see test results and certificates of analysis for our topical CBD products here.

THC Gummies
CBD and THC Gummies

Our CBD Topicals Come Out on Top:

  • Over 99% pure CBD isolate
  • THC-free, paraben-free, and vegan
  • Premium, natural ingredients
  • Full-panel lab-tested
Bobby Hebert uses Crescent Canna CBD for pain relief

Get Relief Like A Pro

“After my 14-year pro-football career, I have aches and pains all over. Crescent Canna’s CBD Topicals changed my life.” – Bobby Hebert, The Cajun Cannon

Bobby Hebert uses Crescent Canna CBD for pain relief

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Topicals

Have questions about CBD topicals? We have answers!

Why should you use a Crescent CBD topical?

By applying CBD directly to your skin, CBD topicals provide fast-acting, targeted relief for muscles and joints. 

Which Crescent Canna CBD topicals are the most potent?

Our strongest CBD topicals are our 5,000 mg CBD Freeze Roller and 5,000 mg CBD Recovery Cream. These are used and enthusiastically endorsed by professional athletes ranging from bull riders to football players.

At less than $0.03 per milligram of CBD, these topicals are also some of the most cost-effective CBD products on the market.

How long does it take for a CBD topical to work?

One of the advantages of CBD topicals is that they provide fast-acting relief. You should feel the effects of CBD topical products within 5 minutes of applying them.

How do you use CBD topicals?

Generously apply CBD topicals to the affected area as needed, up to four times a day. Most customers apply our CBD topicals once in the morning and once at night.

Customers Love Our CBD Topicals


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