High-Potency CBD Products

Enjoy the strongest and most cost-effective CBD products available. Crescent Canna’s line of high-potency CBD oils and topicals are made from quality ingredients and premium CBD in potencies unrivaled anywhere.

Crescent Canna CBD products are federally legal, full-panel lab-tested, and registered with the Louisiana Department of Health.

Crescent Canna’s Max Strength CBD Drops put every other brand I’ve tried and paid way too much for to shame! I will be a lifelong customer. This CBD oil has been a lifesaver.

Benefits of High-Potency CBD Products

Crescent Canna’s high-potency CBD tinctures and topicals contain the highest possible concentration of CBD and are small-batch crafted with high-quality ingredients.

Why use Crescent Canna’s high-potency CBD products instead of other CBD products that claim to be high-potency? Read on to find out!

The World’s Strongest CBD Line.

Our 9,000 mg Max Strength CBD Drops are literally the strongest CBD oil on the planet. Our other high-potency products — including drops, freeze rollers, and recovery creams — are also highly potent, containing 3,000 mg or 5,000 mg of CBD.

Unbeatable Prices.

Don’t let the prices fool you. We never skimp on quality. By creating products with the highest possible concentration of CBD, we’ve been able to get the price per milligram of CBD down to the lowest in the industry.

US-Grown, US-Made.

Crescent Canna sells American hemp products. We use high-purity CBD extracted from hemp grown in the United States. Our high-potency CBD products are small-batch-crafted at our laboratory based in North Carolina.

Independent Third-Party Lab Testing.

All Crescent Canna products are sent to a third-party testing lab for full-panel screenings for quality and potency. You can see test results and certificates of analysis for all of our products here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our High-Potency CBD Products

What is high potency?

As applied to CBD, the word “potency” refers to the concentration of CBD by volume. At Crescent Canna, we consider our products with over 3,000 mg of CBD to be high-potency.

Do you really have the strongest CBD oil on the market?

Yes. Our 9,000 mg Max Strength CBD Drops have the highest concentration of CBD that a 30 mL bottle can contain while maintaining the quality and viscosity we demand. We have verified that this is the maximum possible concentration through years of research and development.

Why does the potency of CBD matter?

The potency or strength of CBD products is one of the most crucial factors to consider when deciding what CBD oil is right for you. The stronger the CBD oil, the more powerful your dose will be and the less you need to take to achieve your desired results.

This means that you save money, since you can then use less of your CBD product to achieve great results. So even if you don’t need to use the strongest product, buying our high-potency CBD products is still a great idea if you want to save money on long-term daily use.

Does the method of consuming CBD affect its potency?

Yes. You can consume CBD by vaporizing it, sublingually absorbing it, or mixing it into foods and beverages. CBD that is taken sublingually is absorbed with the greatest efficiency since in this way it bypasses the digestive system, where enzymes would alter its structure. Applying CBD topically also allows you to bypass the digestive system and provide direct relief to a targeted area.

We recommend either of these methods of preserving the potency of CBD. They have the added benefit of allowing you to experience results almost immediately. We suggest taking our High-Potency CBD Drops sublingually every day, which you can complement with a high-potency topical as needed.

How much should I use?

It depends on things like your weight, body composition, metabolism, and the problem you are treating. For guidance, check out this article on choosing the right CBD oil strength for you.

Our products come with easy-to-understand dosing information, including clearly marked droppers for our CBD oil. Use a relatively low dose when you start taking the oil, then work your way up to a higher dose. Our topicals can be used as needed up to four times a day. If you have any questions about dose, feel free to contact our support team.

What can I use high-potency CBD products for?

Our customers use our high-potency CBD products for a variety of reasons. Whatever you are using CBD for, you get the strongest dose or the most cost-effective dose with our high-potency products.

Do you offer regular-strength CBD products?

Yes. If you’re looking for quality CBD tinctures with lower concentrations of CBD, try our regular-strength CBD Drops with 500 mg, 1,000 mg, and 2,000 mg of CBD per 30 mL bottle. If you’re looking for low-potency CBD topicals, you can also check out our 500 mg and 1,000 mg CBD Recovery Cream and our 1,000 mg CBD Freeze Roller.

What is the most potent form of CBD?

The potency of CBD does not depend on its form but on how much CBD a product contains. The purest form of CBD is CBD isolate, which typically contains more than 99% pure CBD and no THC or other cannabinoids.

Can you take too much CBD?

CBD is safe, nonaddictive, and nontoxic. No adverse side effects linked to CBD have emerged in either scientific research or personal experience. However, if you have a medical condition or are taking medication, please consult with your doctor before taking CBD.

Do Crescent Canna’s high-potency CBD products contain THC?

Our high-potency CBD products that are made with CBD isolate are THC-free and contain no other cannabinoids.

However, our high-potency Full-Spectrum CBD Drops contain CBD, CBG, CBN, and trace levels of Delta-9 THC. Despite containing trace levels of Delta-9 THC, our Full-Spectrum CBD Drops will not cause any psychoactive effects.

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