Small-Batch Manufacturing and Quality Control

From seed to sale, Crescent Canna prides itself on quality, consistency, and transparency through every step of the process.

Domestic Sourcing

At Crescent Canna, our goal is to use high-quality and high-purity raw materials. With more than a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, our team has wwweloped strong relationships with hemp farmers and processors across the country. This means we’re able to secure the highest quality hemp flower and CBD isolate at prices typically reserved for only the highest volume manufacturers. As a small business — not a large manufacturer — we take pride in passing those savings along to our valued customers, providing the highest quality CBD products at very competitive prices.

Independent Testing

While we have complete trust in our domestic farming and processing partners, we go the extra mile to ensure quality. Every batch of CBD isolate used in Crescent Canna products is sent to a third-party testing facility to independently verify quality and potency.

Our isolate receives full-panel screenings, which test for concentrations of cannabinoids (CBD and THC), as well as for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and other toxins. As a result, all Crescent Canna CBD products are guaranteed to have zero THC, be free of contaminants and toxins, and contain CBD isolate that’s more than 99% pure.

All of our product packaging has a Quick Response (QR) code to allow customers to instantly link to isolate analysis results. Click here to see our latest isolate testing results.

Small-Batch Manufacturing Expertise

To ensure the utmost in quality and consistency across our products, all manufacturing occurs in small batches at Crescent Canna’s laboratory in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our lab is a sterile environment to prevent cross-contamination.

We use no-temperature blending for topical CBD products, and low-temperature blending for CBD tinctures. This preserves the quality and concentration of the CBD isolate, as well as any essential oils and flavorings present in our recipes. We put our proprietary blends through a final filtering process, followed by hot-fill bottling, to ensure sterility, maintain CBD concentrations, and prevent ingredient settling and degradation. We will never sacrifice the quality of our CBD products by trying to cut corners or speed up our processes.

Many CBD brands white-label their products from large-scale manufacturers, meaning they don’t actually make the products they sell. At Crescent Canna, we pride ourselves on being small-batch producers who maintain the highest level of manufacturing standards every step of the way.

Contact us for more information about our process, or order online and discover our commitment to quality firsthand.



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CBD Drops

Small-batch crafted CBD tinctures with natural flavorings.


CBD Topicals

Potent, yet delicate topical products made from organic CBD and essential oils.


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