CBD Topicals for Fall

CBD cream and CBD rollers can help you stay active in autumn.

As the weather gets chillier and the days get shorter, it can be harder to stay active. But have no fear – Crescent Canna CBD topicals can help!

The leaves are changing to vibrant colors, pumpkin-flavored things abound, and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s undeniable that autumn brings a lot of fun. However, a downside of the shorter days and colder weather is that staying active becomes a lot less appealing.

Huddling at home with warm blankets and a mug of hot apple cider all season long isn’t a bad option, but for your physical and mental health, continuing to stay active is crucial. CBD topicals like Crescent Canna’s CBD Freeze Roller and CBD Recovery Cream can help you stay active in autumn so you don’t miss out on any of your favorite fall activities!

Our Favorite Fall Activities

Finding fun activities in the fall isn’t difficult. Whether you’re celebrating holidays or enjoying nature, there is so much to do. Below are some of our favorite fall activities for staying active.

Go for a hike. Hiking is great exercise. It’s for everyone: young or old, active or a semi-reformed couch potato. Just choose a hike with an intensity level you can handle.

Fall hikes are arguably the best. Summer is often sweltering. Winter can be bitterly cold. And spring — well, you just don’t get autumn leaves in spring. In fall you can wander around and enjoy gorgeous leaves exploding with color and the deliciously crisp autumn air.

Recovering after a long hike is easy with CBD Recovery Cream. Relax, unwind, and apply this soothing topical to your tired muscles.

Do some gardening. Harvest time is here! If you’ve got a garden, now is the time to harvest the last of your fruits and veggies. Pick your apples, zucchinis, and pumpkins, which will be perfect for delicious fall recipes.

It’s also time to think about winterizing your yard. Getting everything ready for winter can be a lot of work, but it’s also a great way to stay active.

If crouching and bending when tending to your garden causes any aches and pains, CBD Freeze Rollers can soothe those hard-to-reach spots.

Play ball. Football season is here! Whether you join a recreational team or toss the ball around in the backyard with your friends, fall sports like football are a great way to get moving.

Football isn’t the only fall sport! The temperate weather means almost every sport is a great idea this time of the year. You can happily play baseball, tennis, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and more! Of course, as the season gets colder, injuries can become more common. So have your CBD topicals on hand.

Quote Icon Crescent Canna’s CBD Freeze Roller is far superior to all creams, or ointments. It’s greaseless, does not smell, and works quicker than other products. It’s EFFECTIVE!
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Crescent Canna’s CBD Freeze Roller is far superior to all creams, or ointments. It’s greaseless, does not smell, and works quicker than other products. It’s EFFECTIVE!

How Cold Weather Causes Injuries

As the weather gets colder, you become more susceptible to injury. Your body needs more energy to maintain a normal temperature, and its ability to fully function is impaired. As it works to maintain a consistent core temperature, it allows your limb muscles to lose heat by restricting the flow of blood to them. As a result, the muscles in your arms and legs are more prone to injury. Moreover, your muscles just don’t perform as well in the cold.

Less elastic, less efficient muscles and slower reaction times mean a greater risk of injury, especially if you’re playing sports outside. So if you’re active this fall, take precautions. Warm up before engaging in strenuous physical activity. Dress appropriately for the weather. And to soothe sore muscles, use a topical CBD product before and after your workout.

If you do get seriously injured, stop what you’re doing and seek medical attention immediately.

How CBD Can Help You Stay Active

It can be tempting to hunker down indoors when it starts to get cold. But that’s not necessarily best for your mental and physical health. Staying active is essential for overall wellness, and CBD topicals can help you do that.

Adding CBD into your daily routine is easy, and Crescent Canna’s CBD topicals are great for targeted relief. Research shows they can immediately help reduce inflammation and pain caused by exercise and everyday activities. Since CBD topicals are travel-sized, they’re easy to bring with you on autumn adventures.

After a day of hiking, playing football, or picking pumpkins, CBD topicals soothe your sore body, so fall activities stay fun!

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