More and more millennials are choosing cannabis products — including hemp-derived CBD — instead of drinking.

Younger generations are finding cannabis products a more appealing alternative to alcohol

As a health-conscious generation, millennials are looking for more natural options to pharmaceuticals and opioids. They care what they put in their bodies, and many are living clean, active lifestyles.

As more and more research demonstrates the benefits of CBD, millennials are becoming increasingly open to exploring it for themselves. In general, they also are drinking less than their older counterparts, reporting less enjoyment from alcohol than from cannabis products and CBD oil.

The U.S CBD market could surpass $20 billion by 2024, and millennials are playing a major role in driving CBD into the mainstream.

The Benefits of Trying Something New

There are many reasons why hemp-derived CBD products in particular might be considered a better alternative to alcohol, and even to marijuana. For one, many millennials are busy, leading on-the-go lifestyles, and experiencing stress and anxiety as a result. It’s not surprising that some millennials are turning to CBD for relief. Meanwhile, chronic alcohol abuse can actually cause anxiety.

There are additional benefits to be had by replacing alcohol with CBD, including:

  • Economics: Considering that the average price for a single cocktail in many major U.S. cities is around $14, choosing CBD makes economic sense.
  • No More Hangovers and Regrets: Some millennials report a desire to break up with blackouts, regrets, and the spins — and welcome a good night’s sleep and productive mornings: CBD has no known negative side effects and doesn’t get you high.
  • Being Able to Drive: Because hemp-derived CBD is federally mandated to contain .3% or less THC – Crescent Canna products are guaranteed to contain ZERO THC – it is not psychoactive and does not give users a high. So, operating a vehicle after consuming CBD is A-OK.

A Final Note About Alcohol Consumption

Wine and beer have been around for thousands of years. The jury is still out on potential benefits of alcohol consumption, but the many downsides are clear:

  • A night of drinking may have undesirable side effects like hangovers and memory loss. Intoxication can lead to bad choices, from mildly embarrassing ones to those with devastating consequences.
  • Many people drink wine at night to wind down and help them sleep better, but alcohol can actually have the opposite effect and could exacerbate anxiety and associated sleep problems.
  • Drinkers over time can build up a tolerance to alcohol, which can lead to overindulgence and even addiction.
  • Overconsumption can cause many medical issues, including high blood pressure, liver disease, and neurological problems affecting balance and coordination.
  • Alcohol is calorie-rich and can cause weight gain (the average glass of wine has about 100 calories, while a pint of beer can contain 148 calories).

It’s no wonder that millennials are choosing to relax with hemp-derived CBD rather than alcohol.


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