Crescent 9 Koozie


Product Details

  • 12 oz slim can koozie
  • Design on both sides
  • Bright magenta color
  • Insulating, durable fabric

Keep Your Cool With a Crescent 9 THC Seltzer Koozie

Real fans know that Crescent 9 THC Seltzer is best enjoyed ice cold, straight out of a refrigerator or cooler. Keep your seltzer cool – and your hand warm – with a Crescent 9 THC Seltzer Koozie!

Made with insulating, durable fabric, these custom koozies are perfect for tailgates, beach days, or other outdoor adventures. They’re the ideal size for holding slim, tall seltzer cans – and come in a gorgeous shade of magenta with unique Crescent 9 designs on both sides.

Crescent 9 THC Seltzer Koozie

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